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Magic is common in Maltese and is bought and sold like regular technology. Magic Items fall into three basic categories:

Spell Bonus

These items require that the user know the spell in question to gain the bonus when casting that particular spell, but most can be used as a source of study to learn any spells they contain. Familiar objects of this kind is are spell books and holocrons, but a popular option in Maltese are focus tattoos.

Bonus Cost
1 $250
2 $500
1D $1,000

Spell Granting

These items have a set skill in a particular spell and can be used by non-mages, but the user must pay any drain associated with the use of the object. A wand is often of this type.

Skill Level Cost
1D $250
2D $500
3D $1.000
4D $2,000
5D $4,000
6D $8,000


These items simply do a magic effect with no roll or drain. They are priced as standard equipment doing the same function. They require Quintessence, an alchemical fuel, to simulate magic effect.

Prices are generally ten times what other items would be, and include fuel costs based on a per use (1%) or per 25 hours (10%) depending on the nature. If the desired effect can’t be made by conventional equipment look up the “value” in the Magic section and price it as an Attribute for cost (10x skill/damage cost).

Magic and Technology

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