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Concept: Players should work together not only to get a well rounded party, but one that has similar goals and has enough cross coverage of skills. A power armor trooper, a ninja, and a computer nerd may work together but if they have no skills in common it will be hard for a GM to make an adventure that allows them all to use their abilities well.

Story: A character had to come from somewhere and as most Maltese characters will be very advanced they should have a logical story for how they got to where they are.

Attributes are the base abilities a character has in each category. They represent upbringing and natural potential in a broad area. These don’t change after character creation, but a character can raise individual skills under each attribute to represent things they are better at. There are nine attributes; 8 basic attributes and Essence which represents magic potential. The basic attributes are Body, Composure, Empathy, Intelligence, Movement, Reflexes, Style, and Technical. A character gets a number of points to distribute among them with a rating of 1 to 10 in each. A rating of 5 is considered average and the average person has 0 in essence meaning they can’t use magic. Player characters have 50 points to distribute among the attributes.

Skills represent education and experience in the form of specific areas of study beyond each attribute. There are 54 skills, 48 standard and 6 magical. Skills represent the level of training in a given area, many things can be done without training by relying on just the attribute, but a GM may decide a certain task cannot be attempted untrained. New Characters begin with 60 skill rating points, but no more than 5 can be assigned to any one skill.

Species represents the genetic origins of the character. Humans are the most familiar, but there are other species and a player may choose to be something other than human, or they may choose to be a human who had their genetic material altered somehow to be something different.

Special abilities are extra abilities that may come from species, an unusual background, or a boon of some sort.

Character Creation

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